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Ruby Manuel is an author of 4 novels which inspire others through her characters whom work through the many fears we all will strive to overcome throughout our lives. Ruby Manuel’s Suitcase has been adapted into a play.

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Ruby Manuel is a motivational life coach which has been a guest on radio stations and has given speeches about her life to schools and non profit organizations. If you would like to invite Ruby to speak contact her for more info.

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“A writer that touches the lives of our time..”


Ruby Manuel was born June 23, 1954 in Wabbaseka, Arkansas. Ruby’s childhood was filled with struggles of sexual, physical, and mental abuse. Ruby dropped out of high school in the 11th grade. Ruby Manuel dreamed of moving on and took her opportunity to get away from the abuse. She applied and was accepted in Job Corp in 1971 and moved to Los Angeles. There she studied for her diploma.


In 1979 Ruby Manuel worked at Bank of America. For the next 8 years Ruby began to move forward toward her dream of becoming a writer. As a single mother raising 3 children, Ruby assumed that without any degree, it would be impossible to be a published author.  At age 40 she earned her degree in early childhood education. Ruby began her own licensed family facility to provide home childcare.


Ruby Manuel’s first published book, If Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow detailing her autobiography in 2010. Ruby inspired thousands of women from around the globe that face the same horrific abuse. After writing her biography in 2010, Ruby was diagnosed with stage three liver disease due to  Hepatitis C. While on radiation treatment she began writing The Suitcase One. Writing helped Ruby Manuel endure her treatments leading to her miraculous recovery. Inspired and healthy she wrote the sequel The Suitcase Two.


Ruby Manuel married Nick Arline in 2008.  Manuel’s husband, in 2014 suffered a massive stoke resulting in a coma. The pain that Ruby endure each day inspired her again to trust in God. “My God delivered me and he will do the same for my husband," she told herself. Ruby prayed daily and so Nick was released from the hospital. Ruby began writing inspirational quotes each day.  Inspired to write her fourth book entitled, “When Words Inspire," Ruby hopes these words will touch every heart and bring peace to your soul.

The Suitcase Stage Play General Information


Ruby Manuel’s – The Suitcase
DATE: JUNE 26, 2020


  • 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
  • Info: 888-645-5006
  • Tickets available at www.thesuitcaseplay.com

You can pack more than just clothes into a suitcase; you can also pack your troubles and your escape… Secrets have a way to reveal themselves, but secretes created in the dark; most likely will escape in the dawn of morning light, Jewel, my main protagonist has a lot on her plate, trying to get an understanding on what is happening with her body which is a merry-go- round of emotions. Jewel is also struggling to keep hold of her sanity while coping with the ricocheting affects her body keeps taken her through, and dealing with a husband that she is insecure about, but with good reasons, is akin to being on a teeter- totter adding to her stress. With a diversity of characters’ Jewel embarks on an adventure with her girlfriends, a much needed get away allocating with clashing personalities. Keeping her lucidity while dealing with these women may be more than what Jewel bargains for, but Jewel can overlook that for the chance to get away to Jamaica, for a little R & R, so what is a little annoyance from her girl friends’ compared to being in paradise. The female characters’ or male characters in this script could be someone in our own circle of friends. The Suitcase, has a little bit of everything, humor, intrigue, mystery, loyalty, disloyalty, murder and romance. The twist and turns will catch you off guard, as the women find themselves caught up in a real life adventure of lies, manipulations and deceit. Regular home life does not look quite so boring to the ladies anymore after stumbling into a plot with an air of danger.

The Suitcase is a well-written tale, it will have you laughing and applauding the friendship of these women, you will be asking to read more.

July 29th, 2017 - The Suitcase (Show Highlights)