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Each year myself, my sister Verlean Morris and friends travel to the Grand Bahamas by plane to spend a relaxing week at one of the finest, breathtaking resorts in Freeport Bahamas. Island Seas Resort has alluring beachfront properties. Spending one night on the island will revive you; your mind, body and imagination will be swept. We have traveled to many parts of the world but the Grand Bahamas is our home away from home. It is where we settle in for complete relaxation.

To be in alignment with God and wake up on this beautiful island and see the beauty of the palm trees, hear the clashing waves of the aqua blue sea is magical. Here my thoughts trend; my creativity flows and I write my next novel.

The Grand Bahama Island offers fine dining and is all about servicing its tourist. Its ambiance and presentation offer it up in grand style. The restaurants on the island has everything accessible from the exotic Lobster Thermion,  roasted conch, to the delicious pan-fried grouper. On the Grand, Bahamas is where your culinary journey will begin. Their casual-dining restaurants will serve you up the best in Bahamian breakfast cuisine. Their delicious grits, stewed fish, johnnycake, or boiled fish are popular choices.
The residents of Smith’s Point, Grand Bahama Island, laid claim to having the first Fish Fry on the island for a fundraiser for their beloved St. Jude’s Anglican Church.  Now Smith’s Point has become the home of the Fish Fry, playing host to thousands of tourists every Wednesday.  When you travel to this tropical island, you will find that these unique dining and social spot are a staple hangout for the locals. It is also an excellent opportunity for tourists to get better acquainted with both the native and the fish while vacationing. The locals of Smith’s Point are a hard working group; they welcome visitors with open arms and home-cooked food.
Island Seas Resort, is a paradise away from home.
Tips for the best season to travel to the Grand Bahamas:
Grand Bahamas East End Annual festivals showcase two talented local staples every year.
APRIL:   (The Pelican Bay and the Coconut Festival)
OCTOBER: (The McLean’s Town Conch Cracking Festival)
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