Paralyzing Fear

Paralyzing fear is a learned emotion induced by threats or perceived danger by living entities. It causes a change in the brain as well as the organ functions. It is a stimulus that occurs when the expectations of a traumatic event is going to happen.  (Paralyzing Fear) Fear produces anxiety which cause muscle tensions, an increase in the heart rate and shortness of breath. These are only a few physiological symptoms that occurs in the body when fear is present.

Fear also causes misplaced anxieties and lack of trust and changes behavior patterns. Ultimately fear can cause a person to become  introverted and hid themselves in a world of emptiness from others to keep from being hurt. posted by Ruby Manuel

Fear has a real effect on our bodies which is meant to protect us from danger. But we don’t know that our bodies are protecting us when our hearts become overwhelmed with panic and anxiety. These are things that we learn over time. Meanwhile, we may feel the need to hide for protection. In this world that we live in, there is no way around some fear. We all have insecurities but to figure out what our insecurities are and address them is the key. These insecurities can be beneficial if we know which one are healthy versus non-healthy. Self-doubt is common in us as a people, we all have somethings that we don’t particularly like about ourselves, but never be afraid of changing your way of thinking; learn to appreciate the beauty that you have. If we listen to our bodies, it will tell as well as show us what our paralyzing fears are and how to correct them.  Constant anxiety and self-doubt eventually will cause health problems such as digestive ailments, headaches, depression, high blood pressure and even cardiovascular issues.  I can’t stress how important it is to be aware of your fears and insecurities. Pay attention, be sure to recognize if and when they are preventing you from living the life that you deserve.
1. One great way of letting go of your fears is to identify what they are. Make a list of all your fears and what makes you afraid. (Paralyzing Fear) Think about why you are afraid of these particular things. Are your fears real or something that you imagine, a product of your emotions?
2. Begin the process of elimination; think the entire situation through before you making any major decisions. ( Paralyzing Fear) Don’t get caught up thinking about your fears to long, go ahead and make a decision; move forward, because too much thinking will paralyze your ability to move forward positively. Dont over-analyzing your decision and talk yourself out of moving toward your goal.
3. Look with-in for your strengths, things that you love doing. Remind yourself daily of what you are great at, what do you like about yourself? You will start letting go of the fears that you have been carrying around for a lifetime. You will gain confidence if you be repetitive.
When you feel that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, think about these three strengths that you have that make you unique.
4. Make sure to exercise daily and eat a healthy diet.
                                          (Paralyzing Fear)
Incorporating a healthy lifestyle will help to improve the way you think and relate to the world. Set goals, long term, and short term don’t get in a hurry, take your time.
Just know that fear is a product of the mind; it is more of an internal struggle than the reality of the world.   (Paralyzing Fear)
Look within yourself, trust your decisions and learn to love yourself. You will find that your fears will disappear then you will be able to enjoy everything that life has to offer. I say this because at one time in my life fear controlled me, today I challenge my fears, I overcome them one by one.
Posted by authoress Ruby Manuel
March 24, 2017




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