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My son Jamil Frazier@ THE SUITCASE THEATRICAL STAGE PLAY   FEB. 17, 2017



I used the Theater Service Guide below to promote “THE SUITCASE,” my theatrical stage play directed and managed by the Godfather of Urban Theater, Mr. Shelly Garrett.  Check out my drama filled emotional and suspense stage play. It will be performing at “The Porter Sanford Theater in Decatur, Georgia 7-29-17 @ 8:00 PM and 07-30-17 @ 3:00 PM http://www.theaterservicesguide.com/home.asphttp://www.theaterservicesguide.com/home.asp




My parents passed away within two weeks of each other when I was 24; of course I had DREAMS & GOALS)  I applied for a job through a temporary agency back in those days called ZIP. They gave me a part-time position at Southern California gas company in Pasadena Ca.  I was happy about having a job that would bring in money to pay bills, but I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more. “How I would get a better job with no education?” I asked myself. I had dropped out of high school in the 11th grade.  (DREAMS AND GOALS:)  Each day on my lunch break I walked a few blocks down the street to Bank of America and sat in the garden where the employees had lunch. The garden had beautiful palm trees, rose bushes and a huge water fountain  with aqua blue water;  to me it was paradise.  While sitting there glazing at the five story building I wondered how it would feel to be on the inside working.  Eventually I met a young lady name Karen, and we became friends. I would meet her each day and have lunch in the garden. One particular day she asked me to meet her in the bank’s cafeteria on the fifth floor, boy was I excited, finally I was going inside Bank of America, all the way to the fifth floor.


That day on the fifth floor at Bank of America, I found out not only did Karen work at the bank, but she worked in human resources, and she offered me a position in the accounting department. That particular day was Halloween,  October 31, 1980.  While she and I chatted each day for months, she never once told me her position, but I told her of my dream to work there.  I also had told her that I didn’t have much education.

I started working at Bank of America the following  November 3, 1980.

God’s grace created an avenue for my dream to become a reality. Yours can too; keep the faith and always believe in yourself.  RM




Hello Cocoa, how r u?  You have a copy of my book, “The Suitcase,” subsequently the novel has been written into a “theatrical stage play.”  It is managed and directed by Shelly Garrett. This awesome “theatrical stage play,” will begin touring in Atlanta Georgia early next year 2017. Just wanted you to know since you are in Atlanta, maybe you can come out  and support me. Much love Ruby Manuel

I would love to!!! Please keep
Me posted on the dates & congratulations!!
Ms. Manuel
Congratulations on getting your work done. The hardest part is over,  since you have a director and a location for your work. I am in mid season shooting of the Carmichael show and am not free to do your show. Thank you for considering me and complimenting my work. Also thank you for being a writer , without you us actors would have nothing to do. Stay blessed and never for get God’s got you and so the sky is not even the limit.
Big love
Loretta Devine
                                     DREAMS AND GOALS
     Writing has been one of my main focus since I was a child. When  things bothered me I would crawl into a comfortable space, and write about the beauty that I felt in my spirit, the love of God that was in my heart.  Writing brought some stability to my life; it gave me glasses to see beauty in the world. I dreamed of a beautiful home where we would live when I grew up.
      I remember one hot summer morning in 1962 my mother sent me out to our garden to pick a juicy watermelon for our family. She would put the watermelon in the ice-box so it would get nice and cold by dinner.
Before I went out to the garden to get the watermelon I made sure to grab my pencil and paper, the garden was my quiet place to write. Instead of bringing the watermelon back to my mother in a timely fashion as she wanted me to, I would get lost in dreamland, fantasizing about the beautiful things in the world, and so there I sat in the watermelon patch writing. I would be gone for long periods of time and my mother would come find me.
“What are you doing out here so long?” My mother asked me.
“Finding a new home for us,” I answered.
Writing helped me when I was eight years old, and it brings me a sense of peace today.
Ruby Manuel
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