Law & Conformity



1. be in compliance with standards, rules, or laws
2. to conform to regulations”
3. behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards
4. loyalty to one’s party need not imply unquestioning conformity
Conformity is a type of social influence that involves a change in belief or behavior to fit in with a group of peers.  These challenges affects the pressure of social norms, expectations or group pressure.
Social conformity is a powerful phenomenon in human behavior because everyone wants to be socially accepted.
Social Conformity
There was a famous study done to demonstrates the power of social influence. Approximately 25% of the group of participants went along with the program so the others would like them. During the demonstration, an additional 50% of the participants conformed at least once. That means that there is 25% that never conform at all.
Why didn’t the last 25% fit in the demonstration?
The 25% knew what they wanted and didn’t care what the others thought about them. They were strong in what their belief are and refuse to conform just because they were asked.
We know that most peer pressure is amongst teens and pre-teens. Most teen and preteens are vulnerable to influence; they long to be accepted by children their age. When you were a teenager, I know you heard adults say, ‘If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?’  A question such as this one is asked to get their child to think before repeating what their peers are doing.  In many situations, teenagers are unsure of how to act or what to say.  Typically, they are unsure of how to work and rely on others to point them in the right direction. When we see our teenager changing behavior based on the actions of their peers, it is time to apply authority leadership. It is following orders from an authority figure without question.

No restrictions may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those imposed in conformity with the law and which are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, public order (order public), the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

He also exhorted them to help with the last steps towards the end of transition and reiterated his commitment to spare no effort to figure out practical solutions for these issues, in conformity with the law.


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