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The John Lewis Academy 

The John Lewis Academy) I remember the day myself and “The Suitcase’s" Stage Manager Pat Olden walked into the John Lewis Theatre, it was a dream come true. the Director was one of the kindest person I’d yet to meet. and she was African American like us! She welcomed us, and offered us a cold drink, we accepted. We planned to have our next show in February 2018, everything was set on rock in her calendar, this journey begins. The Suitcase Theatrical Stage Play from novel to center stage!


The Suitcase leading lady (Theresa Mclaughlin) and cast are on deck , mics loaded, prepared to bring you,  the audience to your knees in suspense and excitement! “John, we could get the show going, but where in the world is Queenly Lee?"  John Dupree the suitcase leading man called out Queenly’s name, “come my baby, I’m patiently waiting for you. It’s been far to long since we’ve had any time together, hurry baby I need you!"  He calls again, still no answer from Queenly, what exactly is going? The curtains are about to open! 

Director Kevin Smith & Assistance Director April Nicole

#2018: Receiving my Playwrights certificate from “The late Godfather of Urban Theatre, Mr. Shelly Garrett along with his beautiful wife and my dear friend Doris Garrett. 

 (IN THE WORDS OF JAMIL FRAZIER) Let’s love on my mom for a second. Mom making news in Trendsetter to Trendsetter Magazine regarding her books and stage play “The Suitcase." Love seeing people follow their dreams. Not sitting by passively simply praying, hoping and wishing things happened but daily making things happen. Congratulations mother ❤️ @rubymanuel

Trendsetters and Ruby Manuel

My Story


Verlean Manuel

My sister has supported my dream since day one, I appreciate and love you sis!

Khalilah Frazier

My oldest daughter always wanted to live in the south, so when at 63 years old I decided to follow my dreams without any fear attached, she inspired me to follow my dream. She also drove my 2012 Chrysler 300 three thousand plus miles all by herself. Klippy-girl you are my heroes and I love you to infinity! 

Jamil Frazier (MY SON)

Mother and son dance 

(Jamil and Amanda Wedding)

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