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Blog post by Ruby Manuel  3-12-17


(trendy tips ladies)

Fashion trending right now are wide legged pants and much more. They are in this Fall/Winter and are sure to last thru Spring/Summer Season and do not get rid of those culottes they will go great with nice pair low heeled Booties and a long sweater duster.

The Pantone group states the  color trends for Spring 2017 are:

1. Prime rosé yellow -darker than banana but not quite lemon 

2. Pale Dogwood – Beautiful blush pink 

3. Hazelnut – Not a redbone brother but a little closer to Barack shad of brown.  

Hey Ladies of a “Certain Age” before we spill the Tea let’s sip a little first.

Slow down sip some tea and soak your feet. 

Starbucks a new size cup called TRENTA it is bigger than Vents filled with their new Sangria tea with dehydrated fruit you will not miss the wine.

Good old Epsom salt with some lavender poured in a bath or foot soak will help you to keep your cool at the parties you are invited to.

Remember when all else fails stay hip! blog post by) Sylvia Dulaney

The Summer is sneaking up on us don’t let it catch you without your sandals and go to bag. Keeping simple is the key to smooth traveling and vacationing.
1. Multicolor bags, totes, and duffels are a must so went you are packing you will only need one purse and one nighttime/dressy clutch.
2. Multicolor Sandals will also be seen often in airports and on the cruise ships.
3. Block heels and Utility styled mules and sandals are all the rage, they are comfortable and can easily go from morning to evening. Walking tours and hopping on and off shuttles.
4. Kitten Heels are great to help you turn your bathing suit cover up into a sexy outfit to wear from poolside to the happy hour inside the bar.
5. The most important item/activity is the ever popular pedicure.
Get them done before you go on your vacation and keep it up by sleeping in socks and applying Vaseline before going to bed.
Apply an extra coat of clear polish or nail hardener every couple of days. That way you will not have to go to a strange salon where people do not know your little piggy’s!
Floral, Stripes, and Ruffles are the trending patterns.
Do not worry about rather the stripes are horizontal or vertical as long as the out is stretchy and cute.
Remember to Stay Hip no matter what! blog post by Sylvia Dulaney 3-20-17
A well deserved vacation to the peach state “Atlanta Georgia,” brought these beauties into my life as they represented the “Gospel Steeples Award.”
Watch out for the hottest fashions. “FASHION TRENDING,” Just a few ideas for an evening of lavish dining or an award show. These beautiful ladies pull out nothing but their finest, their boldest for the Steeple award.  Blog by Ruby Manuel 4-26-17
This little light of mine…….Keeps me lit!!

Always try to shine bright no matter what the occasion is believe me someone is always watching.
Rose Gold is everywhere check out ways to bring some shine in your life.
• Valentino – Donna Eau de Parfum come in a beautiful crystal cut bottle
• Parfum is a lovely pink color.
• Harper Ari Apricot Exfoliating Sugar Cubes
• Quip Electric toothbrush
• Fabulous pearly pink

The eyes are windows to the soul and I totally agree, try Milk Makeup face gloss or if you use gold eye shadow real or faux apply a little clear gloss on top of a gold and get the foil look.
Amp up your pretty with a delicate or dramatic dusting of rose gold.
Use a pinkish hue of metal or a variety of alloys together. The nearly flawless color is a complement to a wide range of skin tones. Sweep blush from eyelid to cheekbone, mimicking a C shape for a pop that’s truly radiant.
Nars illuminator in Orgasm is great for cheeks to highlight
Mesmerize with Metallic Magic by using metal hued makeup that’s whimsical yet wearable when you are on a girls night out.

BLOGGER the one and only


beautiful south African woman with bronze necklace and natural make-up with lots of shine

Harper Ari Apricot Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

Quip Electric toothbrush

Fabulous pearly pink



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